To serve the need of the procurement of leading and committed industry of supply chain. To bring easy and reliable ways to outsource what is needed the most with quality assurance and compliance. We offer the advantage in adaptability to your procurement for this ever changing market. Among the supply chain category, we offer an array of solutions among some of our strongest global markets here below.

Clinician Supplies

The overall value of a glove and surgical trays is not just the price of a box. In addition to price, we also consider durability of gloves in the application, safety and risks, to comply with productivity.  We take orders to manufacturer ASTM examination and surgical gloves to meet your needs and latests regulations. We also customize surgical trays and wound care products to match your private label needs.

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HD supplies

Dialysis bloodlines have a key importance both for aspects of biocompatibility and treatment for safety. The efficiency of our bloodlines guarantee compatibility with different machine components – of European standards and to nephrology guidelines. Bloodline systems for single-needle, and for any different therapy such as home dialysis is our new target.

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Drug Store Supplies

We have a long-established position of trusted brokerage relationship with our manufacturers in the European and Asian market. We are global distributors serving the healthcare and wellness businesses of North and South America. You will find a trusted business partner with us, and fulfil effortless many of the PL for your supply chain.

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The Future in Healthcare

Embracing an holistic approach for your supply chain

Wellness and The Environment

Holistic wellness is everywhere and on the minds of everyone these days; we are followings the new market model for pharmacy chain supply offering a welcoming natural products and environmental friendly options.

We welcome you to try our brand new innovative line of nutritional health, body & mind products especially designed to meet Canada’s NHP strict standards and comply with the ever growing and demanding clientele.

We work close to our contracted manufacturing facility and we visit regularly to gather any newer information and updated certifications they may have. We strive to improve transparency and create in today’s innovate health and wellness trends.

We are committed to offering research-driven dietary supplements that has proven to satisfy demand. Our mission is to grow with and help our clients position strategically with fair prices for consumers at great quality, therefore we promise we will go above and beyond to also customize health products for your chain’s supply needs.

We feature high quality dietary supplements with safety requirements for children, adults and seniors. We are offering a diverse product line in personal health such as all natural cleansers, natural fiber wipes, diapers, bamboo cotton swabs, body lotions and other products of a high quality and of natural ingredients.

Today we are seeing consumer preferences and their products expectations more aligned with healthier and natural alternatives. Leading market players today take a natural approach for their supply chain and focus in the need for bettering of our natural environment. Supply chain businesses in the healthcare industry are still thriving to become competitive among emerging smaller suppliers of natural health products .

By reimagining the in-store experience, embracing technological innovations, and putting customers first, pharmacy supply chains are not only improving their customers’ lives but strengthening their businesses’ foundation for the foreseeable future. Please eMail Us to learn more about how together we can help procurements stay on the lead among new emerging markets in the wellness of healthcare.

We excel by ensuring that the products we offer for our customers are accurately and legally labeled in accordance with Canadian NHP, and audited through FDA regulations. We understand the concerns of environmental issues and of every non renewable resource. We show it by putting this into practice in every single one of our health products we offer through strategic global manufacturing.

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Digital Catalogues by Category

To view catalogues from the above categories, click in the corresponding link. Our catalogues might be updated and could change without notice. If you are requesting a product you don’t see in our catalogues anymore, but you have ordered from us before, please contact us directly with the specifications.

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