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HD Bloodlines and Tubing Systems for LATAM

We engage in the total process of product sourcing. Is our main priority to get our clients exactly what they need. Our main focus is on total cost of ownership, not price. Brochem Inc has been delivering hemodialysis tubing sets since 2010 with excellence for renowned brands Fresenius, Baxter and many others. We specialize in HD tubing lines for mayor HD centers and hospitals in the LATAM. Our HD clients have acknowledge the quality all these years, and we have sourced over 800.000 lines so far. The benefit of strategic sourcing is that it shifts the focus from looking only at the purchase price to understanding the total cost of owning or consuming a product and service.  The complexity of the machines is what we understand the most, and we thrive to bring value to all our clients.

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Customized for world renowned brands