Product & Sourcing


Founded in 2011, Brochem Inc is an experienced provider of professional sourcing services to a wide range of healthcare partners to manage overall cost of delivering care. We efficiently listen to needs and source from global healthcare manufacturers and providers to deliver the optimal bulk of products, with quality, and great value.

Brochem Inc is based in The United States, and sources from China, Tokyo, and Malaysia. In addition to delivering high-quality medical products at the most competitive prices, Brochem Inc is committed to providing present and active customer service by researching and working closely with both, supply chain managers, clinicians and their patients and customers.

Sampling & Import/Export

Please contact us for sampling of a products of interest. In some circumstances we provide sampling of materials and sampling of products in developmental stage. Please contact us to schedule a visit to talk about your medical supply needs. Brochem Inc has been dedicated to custom brokerage for over 25 years. Wether is on board or door to door a custom service is always available for clients. We make sure all the pertinent documentation is prepared for every client when needed. Credit and shipment terms on delivery and payments are subject to contract. Please contact us to discuss further arrangements. Custom borders fees, taxes and tariffs are subject to change, however some of our products are applicable under NAFTA agreement.

Managing the Supply Chain with Efficiency.

Outsourcing for your supply chain has several advantages that work towards maximizing profitability at the end of the day. However, these advantages can only be realized when you find providers who understand the full process, from quality manufacturing a product, all the way through the hands of the consumer.

Reduce costs, ensure you meet customers demand, increase flexibility and adaptability…Take the next step and reach out to us. We can help.