Our Core Services

  • Medical supply of disposable materials for the supply chain (Ex. Examination gloves, surgical gloves, sterile wound care and related products)
  • Custom procedural kits and trays
  • Custom lines for hemodialysis machines and other custom lines.
  • Pharmacy home-care supplies such as beauty and self care products. Vitamins and other natural non drug supplements for the health and wellness.
  • Private label solutions for suppliers and for distributors of supply chain healthcare sector.

Our Approach

We are continuously expanding our services to better meet our clients’ needs. Our primary goal is to help our industry client to sustain leadership service in the market with consistent quality and reliable service to support their procurement processes and to fulfill their supply chain and satisfy management.

Our Story

We are leading business brokers based in Canada and the United States, with key partnering with global manufacturing to provide you with reliable service to complement your branded medical supply, one that truly understands your customers in the supply chain of medical supply products and another one that is dedicated for hospitals.

We began by sourcing the LATAM market, hospital and pharmacy supply chain. We started slowly sourcing in the rest of America. We have extensive experience in customer service by serving the U.S. market in medical mobilities, home medical equipments and basic disposable hospital supplies.

Our key partners are dedicated manufacturers with high standards in their processes and upto date ISO and ASTM certifications. Some of our dedicated plazas have been providing high quality safe blood tubing lines for dialysis for over 10 years, and we are now driving progress in dialysis supply service for Canada.

As the health market expands with ever growing technologies, the complexity of the procurement becomes a challenge. We bring the alternative to alleviate those challenges because we understand your supply chain management, leading pharmacist, clinicians and their customers.

We have being creating economical alternatives for clinics and hospitals for the past 10 years, and we specialize in hemodialysis line adaptations with guaranteed compatibility with European designs for world renowned equipment brands. Please see list of companies who have trusted us.

An integrated service

  • Product sourcing for healthcare, pharmacies, or hospitals
  • Customize product to meet procurement needs in the needed industry sector
  • Manufacture only in FDA and Canadian ISO standard facilities.
  • Freight forward for cost effectiveness if prefered.
  • Specialized business negotiations and open communications to support fast delivery of products from start to finish.

We integrate all our efforts to provide an Intelligent follow up services to support procurement processes in order to reduce risk and ease purchasing decisions.